Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Get Full Version of WinRAR For Free

I guess everyone know what is Winrar, and what it works. So without going into that deep, directly going to tell an easy procedure to convert Winrar trial version into full version.

Steps to follow:
1. Download and Install trial version of Winrar

        Download WinRAR From Here

2. Now copy everything given below and paste it in Notepad.

RAR registration data
Unlimited Company License
UID=50ffc598a5a2f6862abb 64122122502abbc84c39c3419cc42c830c7918bd06eb387ba39db0 c2e20d6aee1b3d045ed860fce6cb5ffde62890079861be57638717 7131ced835ed65cc743d9777f2ea71a8e32c7e593cf66794343565 b41bcf56929486b8bcdac33d50ecf7739960a8bc2f89179193e346 00ba2270daa5b65a7909ecfb8130b60452eabf07f1a805749a4b6b 1571bc8a47789bc120ff2b6ae77e980ce8b5af8cd45d8be260f16e 3df7bf450991bde61f43b36a2096f010e0d232d4331c1958956325
3. Now save the notepad file with name 'rarreg.key' at location C:\Program Files\WinRAR
Note: You have to have Admin authority to save the file in this folder, if you dont have permissions then check the following link to grant permission

And its done !!

I tested it successfully for Winrar Version 4.0.1. Tell us is it work for you or not?