Thursday, August 7, 2014

Uniblue DriverScanner 2014 Serial Key !! 100 % working

Uniblue DriverScanner 2014 latest version
Old drivers may cause a range of problems, from diminished hardware functionality to conflicts and system crashes. Although drivers are available for free and can be updated manually, identifying outdated drivers can take a long time. Moreover, pinpointing just the right driver from the manufacturer’s website, downloading and installing it can be laborious and technically risky.
Built with simplicity in mind, DriverScanner scans your computer to provide a list of drivers that need to be updated. With single click convenience, DriverScanner will then safely install each update on your PC.
The key has a limited number of activations,so activate your copy quickly.If the key doesn’t work already comment so,We’ll bring a fix soon
How to Activate ?
  1. If you have used any cracks or patches,uninstall DriverScanner and install a fresh copy of it
  2. Insert the serial key given , while connected to internet [ image ]
  3. Click Activate,that’s it
Serial Key(key by samuek)
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Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Reveal/View Password Hidden under Asterisks? Simple way

Most of the browsers have capability of remembering the user name and password which helps us to login more quickly in our favorite sites like Facebook, twitter, Gmail etc. with the help of this features you don’t need to type user name and password every time when you want to sign in to your favorite site. Since you are not typing your password anymore and thus you will forget your password in few days and then you cannot reveal or predict the password, because of security reason the password field of all browsers are masked with asterisks or dots which would not allows anyone to see original password even user. So cannot know or reveal the password by simply looking at the browser password field. But there is couple of way to reveal the password hidden under asterisks in your web browser and in this article we are discussing about how to reveal/view password hidden under asterisks in web browser.

Steps to Reveal/view Password Hidden under Asterisks

Mozilla Firefox and Opera

For Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser you can reveal or view password hidden under asterisks by using inbuilt Inspect Element features of the browser. So follow the steps below
  • Open the site that ask you to sign in (Facebook, Gmail) and where your user name and password already remembered by the browser.
  • Now Right click on Password field of browser and select Inspect Element.
  • After that Inspect Element will open where you will see HTML code and here just find the wordPassword and replace with the word text.
  • Now it will reveal the password hidden under asterisks in the password field of the browser.

Google Chrome

In case of Google Chrome you can reveal the hidden password by using above method.
  • Open the site and Right click on Password field of browser and then select Inspect Element.
  • After that Inspect Element will open and just find the word Password and replace with the word text in the HTML code and it will show you the hidden password under asterisks.
Also there is another way to revel the hidden password by using JavaScript which is quite simple and easy.
  • Open the site’s login page where you password is already remembered.
  • Now copy the blow code and paste it in the address bar of your browser.
JavaScript: alert(document.getElementById('Passwd').value);
  • After entering the above code in the address bar, hit Enter and a popup window will appear where your password written on it.

Internet Explorer

In case of Internet Explorer you can reveal the hidden password in the same way like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


There are so many ways to revel or view hidden password under asterisks in web browser, but the above method are safe and best. Also you can use third party tools to reveal hidden password, but if you use third party tools then anyone can reveal the password using same way, have permission to access your computer.
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

How to Bypass Android Pattern Lock

Android introduces a cool new feature to ensure protection of private data to it's users by Pattern Lock technique. It is a unique thinking , other than remembering or setting difficult combination of password characters whether in numeric or alphabetic form. Pattern lock provides a huge set of patterns to choose from. User may set any unique and different pattern according to their wish anytime.
With advantage of locking screen using this unique way , there is also a problem that sometimes many of android users have to face i.e. what if they forget the pattern they had used to lock their device or try to unlock it with wrong pattern number of times that turned device to get locked permanently ?
If you stuck in such problem so dont worry there are three methods to unlock your device.

Method 1. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Your Email
First method includes a simple way of logging in to your Google account and then getting RID of that lock pattern.This is easiest and most recommended way of unlocking your device.

So if you have entered wrong pattern for 5 times and then if it is showing you the Forgot Lock Pattern option, then you can login through your Google account and bypass the lock pattern system on your device.

Method 2. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Command Prompt

If you have forgotten your email too and unable to log in to your google account then the second method could be handy that includes executing few lines of script in command prompt which will allow you to write any pattern and to get into your OS . As this method includes use of command lines , so it is not that user friendly but it is the most effective way for sure. It involves a few steps :
Step 1: Connect your Android Phone to Your Computer.
Step 2 : Open command prompt as administrator.
Step 3 : Now in command prompt window type the following code carefully exactly as it is and then press  enter.
adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';
 Step 4 : Now you will some screen as shown below and then you can reboot your phone and now when your will start again then try unlocking your phone using any random lock pattern and it will work pretty fine.
Step 5 : If you face any problem repeat same steps but instead of the above code try using adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key and then press enter and now try rebooting your device to see if it works.

 Method 3. Unlock Using Hard Reset Option

Hard Reset is an inbuilt feature of android phones and tablets and every device has it. This method will unlock your device but will remove all user's data and settings as well. You should use this method when none of the above methods work for you and you need to unlock your device urgently. This will remove only the data from phone memory and not from the SD card available in phone.
It involves a few steps to unlock device :
Step 1 : Switch off your phone.
Step 2 : Now while turning your phone on , you need to press some specific combination of keys. Generally it is volume up + power button in many of the android devices so try them first and if they dont work for you so here are list of some popular device combination keys or else better way is to google it.
  • Nexus 7 - Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 - Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Motorola Droid X - Home + Power 
Step 3 : Now when your phone starts up and you see the logo of your phone , leave the power but but continue holding the volume up button until you see android recovery screen.
you will see some screen like shown above. Just navigate to wipe data/factory reset using volume keys and then press Power button to select it.
Step 4 : You will see a screen as shown below :
Step 5 : After you reach to Yes option , select it by using power switch and then it will erase all data on your phone and will unlock it and so ready to be used once again .
So these were possibly all methods for unlocking Android device and to Bypass the pattern lock of android device but if you know any other methods so please do comment below and I will add your method too ..

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your System Faster

Follow these tips and you
will definitely have a much faster and more reliable PC!

They slow your whole system down, so if you're willing
to compromise, have a basic plain one instead!

Update your hardware drivers as frequently as possible. 
New drivers tend to increase system speed especially in the case of
graphics cards, their drivers are updated by the manufacturer very

If you want to use several programs at the same time
then minimize those you are not using.  This helps reduce the overload on

Boot Faster:
The 'starting Windows 98/XP' message on startup can
delay your booting for a couple of seconds.  To get rid of this message go
to c:\ and find the file Msdos.sys.  Remove the Read-Only option. 
Next, open it in Notepad or any other text editor.  Finally, go to the
text 'Options' within the file and make the following changes: Add
.  To make your booting even faster, set add Logo=0
to remove the Windows logo at startup.

Restart only Windows:
When restarting your PC, hold down Shift
to only restart Windows rather than the whole system which will only
take a fraction of the time.
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